My husband and I first met Jesh when we participated in a Venture 2 Climb day class to learn about outdoor rock climbing. We had climbed before, but Jesh’s comprehensive knowledge of outdoor climbing took our skills to another level. At first, I was quite nervous about climbing outdoors. Jesh let me learn and climb at my own pace and helped me feel comfortable throughout the entire learning process.

We didn’t know what to expect when we first signed up for the Venture 2 Climb class, but Jesh made us feel super comfortable. Not only was I personally able to move past my fear of outdoor climbing, but my husband and I were able to connect in the outdoor environment that we both love. We love Venture 2 Climb and would recommend it to anyone looking for a wonderful experience outdoors.

Kristine Weiss

Social Worker, Marie Daughtry Home, Lawton, OK

My husband and I had the experience of a lifetime with Venture 2 Climb! Neither of us had ever had any climbing experience whatsoever, but we had both been working hard on some fitness goals and were anxious to challenge ourselves. And boy did we ever!

Standing at the bottom of my first wall and looking up was quite overwhelming. Jesh and the Venture 2 Climb team helped me feel comfortable and safe as they talked me through the process; one foot in front of the other, quite literally. I actually failed my first wall twice not even halfway up. Jesh encouraged me to keep trying though. If I’m being honest, there were moments I wanted to give up. There were moments I would look around and think that making it to the top was impossible. My muscles ached. Then I would hear Jesh and my husband cheering me on from below; helping me find the next hold, offering ideas, telling me it was okay to take my time. I did take my time, I persisted and I MADE IT TO THE TOP! This time, there were tears of triumph. My stubbornness along with the support of the Venture 2 Climb guides allowed me to conquer the wall on the third try!

The feeling of accomplishment when I got to the top was indescribable! The victory gave me the confidence to attempt a more difficult wall. I now know that rock climbing is not just a physical, but a mental experience as well. I appreciated the challenge of pushing myself to new limits of problem solving, courage, perseverance and teamwork. It is a thrilling, rewarding and BEAUTIFUL experience. My husband and I can’t wait for our next Venture 2 Climb experience!

Kathy Jo Jasso

I came to Jesh looking for a unique experience for “Man Up” – a men’s ministry group I was leading at my church. I wanted something exciting and adventurous that would also promote the biblical message I wanted to share with the group. Jesh and Venture 2 Climb catered to the needs of my group perfectly, helping men from age 13 to age 65 have a terrific time. Not only did everyone feel safe, but the personalized experience made for a really comfortable environment.

One of the things that stood out most to my group was the beauty of the Wichita Mountains. I feel like the trip and the environment really brought the group together. We all enjoyed the Venture 2 Climb experience, and “Man Up” will definitely do it again. I would recommend that anyone looking to get outdoors and face their fears give Venture 2 Climb a try.

Chris Compton

COL, U.S. Army

I enjoy the outdoors but am not a big fan of heights. However, a friend of mine had repelled before and wanted to go again. So, I booked a Venture 2 Climb trip for her birthday. We were both really nervous about the trip; unsure of whether we would be comfortable. The weather report for the day of our trip was also uncertain. Prior to our trip, Jesh talked us through the entire experience helping us feel very comfortable. He also kept a keen eye on the weather ensuring our safety prior to going out. Once out, we very quickly became super comfortable with climbing and rappelling. We had a blast!

I didn’t expect to check this off my bucket list so soon, but I am glad I did! Jesh was extremely helpful and even surprised my friend with a cookie cake for her birthday! I totally recommend Jesh and Venture 2 Climb to anyone looking for a climbing experience in the Wichita Mountains. We had a blast and a birthday we’ll never forget. We are looking forward to booking another Venture 2 Climb trip!

Leslie Jones

Teacher, Teach for America

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